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Time to “fast”

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The holidays put about 5 extra pounds on me and I can feel my body craving carbs a bit more than usual.

So I’m going to get on top of it and do a multi-day fast starting tomorrow.

My fasts are not as strict as some–I’ll come to that in a second.

Fasting is the only way I have been able to reduce the layer of “baby fat” my body likes to keep around my middle. Workouts or other approaches like calorie counting don’t cut it, unfortunately.

I wish it were otherwise because I don’t love going through a fast.

I have another issue to consider which is my adrenals. I need to keep them happy with whatever I do diet-wise because otherwise I pay the piper later.

Adrenals are like savings accounts in my opinion. If they are nice and full of cash, you can weather an unexpected life event much more easily than if they are empty.

Adrenals are all about reacting to stress. Fasting is a stressor just like any other from their perspective, it seems to me. So if I go into a lengthy fasting period (3-5 days lets say), and they are not in tip-top shape, then it’s no bueno for me.

So my fast consists of lots of liquids and the occasional tablespoon of a gelatinous bone broth which I make.

This works really well for me. I don’t get any bad effects in terms of adrenal exhaustion and I get, at least for me, the benefits of the fast that I’m looking for.

Here are my notes on the recipe I use and the YouTube source video on it, just in case anyone else would benefit from having this info.

Fast starts tomorrow. I’ll go as long as I can, maybe even the whole week. Minimally 3 days.

Hans Eisenman

Husband, father, nerd and more or less in that order. I love tech, especially tools that will help me get more done in less time. Everything I talk about, I've tried (or will state I haven't). Current obsession: the FEDIVERSE.

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