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written by Hans Eisenman
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Back in July 2019 I created a short, simple video for business clients which offered a basic explanation and demonstration of what a “table” is in the world of technology, databases, web applications and so on.

In meetings, I noticed the business clients’ eyes would glaze over when the word “table” was used.

From that point on they appeared to just hear dial tone.

In other words, they weren’t understanding our technology discussions any more–and we were talking about what THEY wanted (in a website application or whatever).

(And if you’re talking about saving information, you pretty much have to talk about tables.)

After that point, all these questions would start popping up which showed they were no longer hearing what the techno folks were saying about databases and the apps which were using them, etc.

It was clear to me that the use of the word “table” was where the confusion started. Things would start sliding down the proverbial hill from there.

If you don’t get the joke, watch the video…

If you are a business owner or manager, it’s vital (in my humble opinion) to get this 💯 as the kids like to emoji (that’s “100%” for us older folks–and is “emoji” a verb?).

Here’s the video in case it helps someone else one day. No point leaving it on my PC over here.

NOTE: I’m speaking…kind…of…slowly…on purpose and probably sounds like I’m trying to teach someone who has had a stroke or something. I just wanted to make sure anyone could absorb the data regardless of age or prior technological knowledge or if English was not their primary language. That’s challenging with technology terms!

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