REVIEW: Is Miro The Ultimate Diagramming Tool?

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I’ve used so many different diagramming tools that I feel like I know them all at this point.

The problem with most of the apps, for me, is that they are usually somewhat limited to the mode of expression you’re in at the time.

Mindmapping? Oh sure, use Xmind or Mindmeister or any of about 50 others out there that can show the parent-child-sibling relationship of thoughts.

“Wait, I need to also get some flows mapped in there too, though…”

Sorry. No can do. Figure out how to express your flow as a hierarchical structure please, or go get a copy of Visio.

This has been going on for about the last 3 decades, it seems to me.

Enter: Miro (!

If you want a workspace where you can get started “quick and dirty” and firm it all up later, using just about any object or diagramming system you can think of, try

Kick your chart off with an image or a post it. Then throw in a flowchart and a mindmap if that’s what suits you and your creation.

Here’s a very zoomed out view of something I’m working on. It’s zoomed out to 3% just to give you a sense for how much you can pile onto one of these canvases. (At 50%+ zoom, you’d see plenty of detail.)

There are breakdowns of two or three funnels on here with all their key steps, launch notes, lists of past, present and future actions, loose tasks that need doing but aren’t part of a plan yet, on and on–pretty much everything related to this particular effort.

When you feel like you’re ready, you can invite others to work right along next to you on your canvas, wherever they may be physically.

I’m often digging into new territories work-wise and Miro makes it so easy for me to start wherever I need to and sort it out iteratively as I go.

I’ve not found any other tool out there that is this versatile.

Miro did a great video showing how they used their own app to shoot an ad promoting Miro. It really says and shows it all.

If you like to diagram and such, take a moment to watch it. I think you’ll be impressed with Miro’s impressive, functional breadth.

I really love this app!

PS: they have a mobile app and it’s good!

Hans Eisenman

Husband, father, nerd and more or less in that order. I love tech, especially tools that will help me get more done in less time. Everything I talk about, I've tried (or will state I haven't). Current obsession: the FEDIVERSE.

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