Marketing is the best kind of puzzle

written by Hans Eisenman
10 · 03 · 22

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At its core, marketing is a simple puzzle comprising only two pieces:

The goal is to bring these “pieces” together. They will never really fit each other like an actual puzzle, so the best you’ll get is the kind of overlap one sees in a classic Venn diagram:

And what do we get?


Super cheesy, you say?

Perhaps. Maybe it’s also a complete oversimplification.

Or is it?

If we look at marketing’s role in the world, a huge part of it is finding and defining the “ideal” customer for the enterprise or provider.

Then an ideal solution must be created, developed and presented (if it’s not already) to match that ideal customer.

But when that magic moment is truly and honestly achieved, the clouds part and angels sing. The customer is elated and so is the provider for a job well done.

To a greater or lesser degree, the world is quite literally made a better place.

How is that not a kind of love, I ask you?

Hans Eisenman

Husband, father, nerd and more or less in that order. I love tech, especially tools that will help me get more done in less time. Everything I talk about, I've tried (or will state I haven't). Current obsession: the FEDIVERSE.

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