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Evernote’s version 10 overhaul

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After giving it a review, I’ll admit It looks a lot cleaner and more modern, but they moved a LOT of cheese.
Not real happy with it yet.
I’ve been with Evernote for 10 years as of last April and I have about 20,000 notes buried in there. I use it to run almost everything.

What I’m missing already

  • Saved Searches are buried under Search now. What was one click for me  is now several clicks and scrolling. I used Saved Searches to run my LIFE.
  • Views.  I often would pivot between the 4 or 5 views you could us to see your notes different ways (with images, less data, more data, preview pane on/off). That appears to be gone. No idea if it’s coming back.
  • Speed. I’m getting 3-6 second lags when I do something simple like click on a note or using Ctrl+N for a new note. That’s gonna add up for me. I move fast in this app (or used to anyway).
  • Tags are at the bottom of the page now. Hopefully I don’t start forgetting to tag since the feature is kind of “out of sight, out of mind”.
  • My tags are not autocompleting for me either if I use F3 to start the tag. I’m typing tags I know I have and they aren’t showing up. BIG problem here. I probably have 200 tags or more. No WAY am I going to scroll through those hierarchically.  Fortunately it seems I can click to add a tag and autocomplete works in that case. So this seems to be a bug.
  • Presentation mode appears to be gone
  • I’m still exploring so we’ll see what else comes up.

What I like

  • Dark mode
  • Note editor is much better.
    • Drag blocks of text
    • Full editor features (like header sizes, more colors
  • Sketch feature seems pretty great. Like this:

  • Drawn by hand using Bamboo tablet
    • Evernote only inserted the part it should have, which is excellent
    • This means I can do more “whiteboarding” right within Evernote, instead of using MS Whiteboard and then Snagit to capture and place it in Evernote.
    • Only better would be if I could copy/paste it here and then edit it. Let’s try:
      • Nope. I had it pasted here fine, but Evernote could only display. Instead I edited the original.

Hans Eisenman

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