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Designing great logos fast, clean and “cheap”

written by Hans Eisenman
9 · 29 · 20

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Logos can be a b*tch. Usually when you need one, you need it NOW and you have a ton of other things to do to launch whatever you’re in the middle of.

You’re also probably not a designer (and if you are, move along and DIY. Probably nothing to see here).

Given design is not your (or my) skill set, just how much of your future hard-won profits are you willing LOSE wasting your time fumbling around in mental darkness while you try to conjure up something graphically great?

And by the way, do you really want something that isn’t great for your company/product logo?

I say get it right the first time.

Plus there are so many choices to make with fonts and various concepts one could go with, some which might be tired and overused.

Fortunately there is a better way.

Crowdsourcing graphic art this is definitely the way to go.

If you’re not familiar because you just emerged from living in some deep forest for the last 30 years only to find out there is this thing called In-ter-net, here’s how it works.

Basically you set up a simple contest on a site like

Many, many designers–good ones–read your short brief on the project and decided to apply their best skills to the job in order win the prize (your money).

As of this writing, we are running a logo contest and we have about 260 submissions for this logo. And they are all, in their own way, amazing. Some of them are not what we want at all, but that’s ok. To quote the movie Highlander (and date myself), “There can be only one!”.

You simply reject those and and do your best to update the brief to reflect what you do want and the designers will, in turn, do their best.

You pick the winning designs as finalists and dial it all in from there until you get a winner.

The designs for our current contest are so good I am certain we’ll find a winner and it will only have taken about a week.

It’s flippin’ brilliant.

Not sure I’ll ever manage graphic design projects any other way.

I’ll post the winning logo here in a few days.

Word to the wise: pay a little extra to run the contest that will attract the higher quality designers. And guarantee there will be a pick. You won’t regret it.

Hans Eisenman

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