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Evernote’s version 10 overhaul

Summary After giving it a review, I'll admit It looks a lot cleaner and more modern, but they moved a LOT of cheese.Not real happy with it yet.I've been with Evernote for 10 years as of last April and I have about 20,000 notes buried in there. I use it to run almost...

Designing great logos fast, clean and “cheap”

Logos can be a b*tch. Usually when you need one, you need it NOW and you have a ton of other things to do to launch whatever you're in the middle of. You're also probably not a designer (and if you are, move along and DIY. Probably nothing to see here). Given design...

New vanity site!

Time for a new website and blog! (Actually, the restoration of one I had before I let the domain go.) I've been kind of waiting for to become available again as a domain and it finally did so I snatched it up! I like the name mostly because is short,...