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Find open windows faster using Win 10’s virtual desktops

Find open windows faster using Win 10’s virtual desktops

Super cool Windows 10 feature here: virtual desktops. MAIN BENEFITS: Find your way back to open windows faster than ever Keep windows organized by "work", "personal', some project or whatever you like UPDATE: A Facebook friend posted this in reply to this video and...

Have Google Maps Tell You When To Leave

Did you know Google Maps will tell you when to leave if you tell it by when you want to arrive? This is handy when you need to be pretty accurate about your arrival time, like when you're picking up your boy scout from camp. 😉

Simple explanation for “table” in technology

Back in July 2019 I created a short, simple video for business clients which offered a basic explanation and demonstration of what a "table" is in the world of technology, databases, web applications and so on. In meetings, I noticed the business clients' eyes would...

Easy tool for drawing floor plans

If you're looking for a really simple, low-cost way to draw a floor plan for your home, I'm loving this one so far. This drawing my office and master bedroom took about 10 mins.

My Top Four Tools For Getting Things Done

My Top Four Tools For Getting Things Done

Digital life is full of shiny distractions. Yet we must keep moving forward or nothing gets done. Good luck if you have to deal with something something confusing or complex. Now the aforementioned distractions are even more tantalizing. There are four tools I use...

Evernote’s version 10 overhaul

Summary After giving it a review, I'll admit It looks a lot cleaner and more modern, but they moved a LOT of cheese.Not real happy with it yet.I've been with Evernote for 10 years as of last April and I have about 20,000 notes buried in there. I use it to run almost...

Designing great logos fast, clean and “cheap”

Logos can be a b*tch. Usually when you need one, you need it NOW and you have a ton of other things to do to launch whatever you're in the middle of. You're also probably not a designer (and if you are, move along and DIY. Probably nothing to see here). Given design...

New vanity site!

Time for a new website and blog! (Actually, the restoration of one I had before I let the domain go.) I've been kind of waiting for to become available again as a domain and it finally did so I snatched it up! I like the name mostly because is short,...