hans eisenman

Executive | Marketer | Project Manager

My skills and interests


Strategy, IT Project Management, software development, productivity, processes & workflow (collaboration, working paperless), and more.

Marketing and e-Commerce

Marketing strategies, eCommerce (Amazon, Shopify), launches, copywriting, funnels branding, video production.

Health Tech

Biomedicine, functional nutrition, biohacking/ quantified self, longevity.


Current affairs, history, family as a basic building block, homeschooling, human rights and tolerance.

About Me

I have spent the last 30 years as an executive in companies (usually technology related) ranging from start-ups to enterprise-class service providers and am comfortable in any size scenario.

By way of example, Earthlink, which went public during the time I was an executive there, grew from 50 to 7,000 employees and 10 million customers.

For the last several decades, my responsibilities have included management of people, projects, marketing and systems across many different organizational functions.

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REVIEW: Is Miro The Ultimate Diagramming Tool?

I've used so many different diagramming tools that I feel like I know them all at this point. The problem with most of the apps, for me, is that they are usually somewhat limited to the mode of expression you're in at the time. Mindmapping? Oh sure, use Xmind or...

Graphene could change everything

"Everything" is such a big word. But check out what technologist George Gilder says about graphene in a recent newsletter I get from him (below). Pretty fundamental stuff. It feels a bit like going back in time to just before the discovery of commercially viable...

Making your blog look just right without code

One of my favorite things about the Divi Wordpress theme from Elegant Themes is that you can adjust just about every part of your website/blog to your liking without having to learn any code whatsoever. For example, today I realized I wasn't that happy with the font...

Easily extract text from any image

Have you ever needed to get text out of an image for some project and you didn't want to type it all out by hand? Here's how you can do it using a simple and incredibly useful program called Snagit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNnmfiHBcQ8

For Amazon Sellers, Persistence Is All

Amazon is still the #1 platform for sellers. But wow, can it be a frustrating experience sometimes! Here are a couple examples that are pretty bananas. Amazon sellers have to be ready for some screwy rabbit holes just to keep products selling on that platform. A big...

The entire development team jumped ship

I've always been pretty calm under pressure. But there was one particular project I had which tested me more than most. I won't mention the company or even the type of business they are in because it might be too easy to figure out who I'm talking about. They were a...

Find open windows faster using Win 10’s virtual desktops

Super cool Windows 10 feature here: virtual desktops. MAIN BENEFITS: Find your way back to open windows faster than ever Keep windows organized by "work", "personal', some project or whatever you like UPDATE: A Facebook friend posted this in reply to this video and...

Have Google Maps Tell You When To Leave

Did you know Google Maps will tell you when to leave if you tell it by when you want to arrive? This is handy when you need to be pretty accurate about your arrival time, like when you're picking up your boy scout from camp. 😉

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