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hans eisenman

Chief Marketing Officer | Senior Project Manager | Competent Technologist

My skills and interests

Tech stuff

Strategy, IT Project Management, software development, productivity, processes & workflow (collaboration, working paperless), and more.

Marketing and e-Commerce

Marketing strategies, eCommerce (Amazon, Shopify), launches, copywriting, funnels branding, video production.

Health Tech

Biomedicine, functional nutrition, biohacking/ quantified self, longevity.


Current affairs, history, family as a basic building block, homeschooling, human rights and tolerance.

About Me

I spent the last 30 years as an executive in companies (primary technology related) ranging from start-ups to enterprise-class service providers. I am comfortable in any size scenario and can scale on demand. By way of example, Earthlink, went public during the time I was an executive, in which case I navigated my area through intense hypergrowth from 50 to 7,000 employees and 10 million customers.

All of my roles have involved the management of people, projects and/or the establishment of systems and processes to support the rapid growth of the company or resolve a showstopping crisis.  

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