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i AM hans

Digital Marketer 

My skills and interests

Tech stuff

All things Internet,  technology-based productivity tools, working paperless, blockchain, Android and more.

Marketing and e-Commerce

Sales Funnels, Amazon, Shopify, marketing strategies, product launches, online sales, direct response copywriting, branding.

Health Tech

Biomedicine, functional nutrition, biohacking/quantified self, longevity, structured water, deuterium-depleted water, PEMF.


Current affairs, history, family as a basic building block, homeschooling, human rights, religious freedom and tolerance.

About Me

Everything I know about technology started with a curiosity for how things work.  As a kid I used to take things apart just to see what made them tick (like my moped-remember those?) . In the early 80s, I was introduced to some of the first personal computing devices (like the Epson QX-10–anybody??). In the mid 90s I would join Earthlink, one of the first Internet Service Providers and help grow it to 7,000 employees and 10 million customers. That experience drove my growing love for tech stuff deep into my soul. 

Somewhere along the line I also started studying marketing and learning about direct response copywriting.

Currently I’m the VP Digital Marketing for Quick Aid 

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