I create words that make your customers want to listen and buy…

…so your business grows!

  • Present a clear brand story

  • Build trust

  • Improve conversions

Most business owners have trouble communicating clearly about their business.

That leads to confusing words (“messaging”) on their website which results in higher bounce rates.

I fix your messaging so your customers feel they are being invited into a story in which your product or service solves their problem.

Confusion in marketing messaging is probably more common than you realize.

It’s a real shame and here’s why:

Confusing messaging makes prospects burn more mental calories than they have to offer.

They are already being bombarded daily with thousands of messages.

So, if your visitors can’t connect what you do with their problem in 5 seconds or less, you’re probably going to lose them.

And that is wasting your valuable marketing $$$.

You may be surprised how easy it is to be “confusing” in this context.

Here’s a more obvious example from an actual website (minus the logo, to protect the innocent):

Looks pretty, but what does it mean?

Again, a visitor to this website will give 3-5 seconds—then they’ll move on.

Other common website copy problems:

  • Too many words / random ideas (hint: not part of a story)
  • The wrong words
  • Using a lot of hero talk (“we’re the best…”, “award-winning”etc.) – huge, subconscious customer turn-off
  • Missing empathy

Good news: something can be done about all this.

There are 7 core ideas must be present on a site for it to sell.

The rest is the noise that’s distracting your prospects.

Clarifying your messaging can have a huge impact on your conversion rates—sometimes as high as 5X.

Here’s how “storied” copy can transform your marketing from confusing to clear-and-engaging:


Before working with Really Clear Branding, we had no cohesive brand message. It was brutal. When someone would ask what we do, the first thing we would say after a long pause is “it’s hard to explain”. The amount of attention and data gathering you did to get us to where our messaging was smooth and on brand was great. Now we have a road map that we can use to keep our brand and marketing relevant and on message.

Jordan D.
Director of Operations

My website stopped generating business for me back in 2020. Hans removed the confusion from my messaging and built a new, StoryBranded home page for me. Now I’m back to getting new clients!

Laura Sherman

 We needed help getting a clear message easily communicated to the team. Hans was very attentive to every last detail. I wouldn’t work with anyone else when it comes to branding.  Erin Leece, CEO Sunforge Energy

Erin Leece

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