Mainstream Media Has Got To Go

image source: William DeBurgh

image source: William DeBurgh

The lies and propaganda coming out of mainstream media and news outlets funded by guys like George Soros and his ilk have become just too much to bear.

It’s sickening and frankly a little overwhelming so I do my best to ignore it by listening to podcasts of my choosing–like Jason Stapleton and Tom Woods and other positive idea leaders.

Those podcasts have replaced my mainstream media outlets entirely.

But we could use many more like Jason and Tom.

Also, those two in particular tend more toward commentary on recent events; and education in fundamental ideas related to personal liberty and economics, rather than breaking actual news themselves. It’s just not their thing.

There is still a massive gap in the “real news”department–and by news I’m referring to actual investigative journalism.

I’m talking about seasoned investigative vets who go for the throat to get at the truth–the kind of truth that leads to doing something to improve a situation, not just overwhelm everyone with how terrifying the world is–while at the same time participating (knowingly or unknowingly) in what are essentially false flag events to “prove it”.

This is about a people-only supported team of ace reporters, working for people like you and me, not the Kochs or Soroses of the world, or some corporation with an agenda.

If this tickles your fancy, how about we all do something about it?

Here’s a kickstarter campaign for a new people-funded news organization called Newsbud, founded by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds (some other posts in the group here–she was just on Tom Woods…GREAT interview).

I also recommend listening to her interview with Tom Woods.It’s abut 40 mins but in the last 15 or so she hits on this project.

(But do yourself a favor and listen to that whole Tom Woods interview over some beverage of your choosing. It’s a real breath of fresh air in the news department and will give you a taste of the kinds of things on which she and her Newsbud team would report. Frankly, it will likely blow your mind when you hear about the CIA funded guy who runs the largest charter school in the USA.)

This is what mainstream media should be about.

Let’s help make it a reality.

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No excuses

Look at this world we live in right now. Just look at it!

First, every piece of information we need regarding just about anything is available in about 3 seconds. Experiences, opinions, facts…all of it!

Next, we can share our own of the same at the speed of light, across the globe.

A product can not only be purchased and delivered to your dour in a single day (Amazon Prime) but you can be the one selling it!

Not happy with your life? Dedicate yourself for about 10,000 hours (a mere 5 years full time) in any new direction you choose and you could be a complete pro (says Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers).

Will it be easy? Probably not. You might have to trade TV or bar time or even some family time for rolling up your sleeves and digging into some new subject.

It might even cause some discomfort.

But that’s no excuse.

Now is the time to get what you really want in life.


Improving teeth and gums at almost no cost

Here is a very effective way to sweeten your mouth and protect your teeth and gums. And it costs almost nothing!

I’ve been doing this steadily for only a week and it’s quite effective.

Keep in mind that tooth paste has little or no actual disinfectant in it. All the brands are that way. They are mostly abrasive.

This solution takes care of that deficiency and, as a result, leaves your mouth feeling and tasting much healthier.

“The Secret” was initially developed by Dr. Paul Keyes to enable a person to efficiently and inexpensively improve the condition of their own gums. This system reduces redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums and minimizes the need for surgery, improving all but the worst areas in the mouth.

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Trump Against Humanity

In keeping with my last post, here’s more likely proof that people are sick and bloody tired of being PC (politically correct) all the time:

The most politically incorrect card game possibly ever created is wildly popular. I mean it’s just off the charts!

Is it any coincidence that the most politically incorrect US Presidential candidate of all time is also so popular?

I think not.


Article: Donald Trump has exposed the weak underbelly of the Global Elite

Couldn’t agree more with the idea that most of us are sick and tired of being politically correct all the time and thus Trump’s broad appeal.

It’s like we’re surround by  a bunch of entitled, whiny 5-year olds who are offended by so much as a glance in their direction. … 


Initiative and The Message To Garcia

As a little side project at work, I decided to get Elbert Hubbard’s Message to Garcia distributed to about 25 key management positions in our company.

If you don’t already know, Hubbard wrote this short essay on initiative in a single hour back in 1899 and it was so powerful as to be reprinted to the tune of 47 million copies! … 


Android: Faster Note Taking with Google Now

Ever had a fleeting thought you wanted to get jotted down but it left you before you could scramble together a pen and a napkin/post-it/your palm?

If you’ve got a fairly recent version of Android on your phone and you also have the Google Now app (whether you realized it or not–it comes standard),  you are one touch away from capturing that thought (well, one if you have your headset on, two if not). … 


Displaying Amazon’s single-use coupon codes in your site

Until recently it has been impossible to display a single-use coupon code from Amazon to shoppers without having to pay about $50/month for a web service or writing some code yourself.

That all changed recently when a kind, giving programmer threw together a simple WordPress plug-in which allows you to do just that. … 


Shoulder Pain Relief

Photo credit: Jhong DizonSince I spend a lot of time at my desk working on a computer, I end up getting some shoulder discomfort which, over time can lead to considerable pain.

From what I can tell, it’s a series of micro-traumas to certain shoulder muscles as a result of the wholly unnatural activities that come with computer work.

I tried a number of things to resolve this including various chiropractic and massage modalities over the years.

In the end, I found a couple of things lead to more improvements than others. So I’m noting them here on the ole blog.

Of course, these are just my anecdotal experiences and your results may vary.

The improvements came in the form of two main things: an exercise and a couple of nutritional points. … 


Samsung SG4 Update to Lollipop (Sprint)

phone storage fullApparently it’s necessary in some cases to reset to factor settings after an upgrade to Lollipop.

After a much anticipated update finally arrived, I eagerly went through the motions to get it onto my phone.

After the phone restarted, I immediately noticed I was just about out of storage. Many of my apps needed to update themselves but could not due to insufficient space.

While I wasn’t keeping a super close eye on my storage, it seemed odd I would be almost out since I keep a pretty lean phone.

Deleting apps wasn’t solving the problem either.

So I backed up the phone with Helium and Samsung (for phone log data, etc.) and did the factor reset.

Much better! Phone is only half full now. It’s still restoring a few apps but I don’t see it eating up 6 GB with apps.

As much as I didn’t need the interruption this morning, it’s always nice to get a clean, efficient phone again–at least for the time being.

All is well now. If you have problems with your Lollipop update and storage, I’d highly recommend taking the time to do a reset.