Google Inbox Meeting Invite Fail

No calendar invite functionality in Google Inbox (at least not yet)?

This seems like a pretty important fail but maybe it’s just me.

Just finished setting up a meeting with a friend for this week.

A bit later, I received an email from him and viewed it in Chrome on my Windows PC.

It had a subject, but the email was blank.

Inbox shows blank instead of  invite 2014-12-07_22-14-02

Here’s how the same email looked in Gmail:

Gmail shows meeting invite 2014-12-07_22-14-02


One would expect that Inbox would do a better job of handling invites and calendar items than its predecessor (if that’s what Gmail is).

The other thing that Inbox hasn’t been doing for me in this department is seeing a date in an email and automagically hypertexting it so that I can just click it to add to my calendar.

And I was just getting to like and use that feature in Gmail!

Google, please accept this as my humble and official vote for both features. 🙂


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