Android: Faster Note Taking with Google Now

Ever had a fleeting thought you wanted to get jotted down but it left you before you could scramble together a pen and a napkin/post-it/your palm?

If you’ve got a fairly recent version of Android on your phone and you also have the Google Now app (whether you realized it or not–it comes standard),  you are one touch away from capturing that thought (well, one if you have your headset on, two if not).

Once Google Now is configured, you simply invoke it (whether by touching your headset button or the mic icon on the Google Search bar on your phone).

Once Now is listening you say: “note to self” and then without much delay, say your note.

Or you can say “note to self” and wait for Now to prompt you for the note.

When you get the prompt beep indicating it’s your turn to talk, you just leave your note. As soon as you pause, Now will assume you’re done.

Now will then transcribe your note and send it to an app. By default it appears to be Gmail in which case an email will be created to you from yourself.

If you have other apps that Android recognizes as note-taking apps (Evernote, Wunderlist and I would presume several others) and those apps are on your phone, it will let you send them directly into those apps.

The way you change that setting is by entering settings here after leaving the note:

Configure Google Now Note To Self

From there you’re prompted with a list of recognized note-taking apps on your phone.

After that, the setting is persistent, meaning you’ll keep placing notes in that app from that point forward.

I’m running Adroid 6.x on my Nexus 6P, but I had a family member try it on his Samsung Edge and it seemed to work fine there too.

Note taking is now faster than ever!








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