Home appliances and master service agreements

Called Sears today to see about getting a “master service agreement” for the stove because, despite being only 3 years old, it’s not keeping temp correctly. Repairing this, according to our trusted appliance guy, could be as much as $300 for the control board that is the likely culprit.

Meanwhile Mom’s stove of the same vintage is having same issue. Hmmm…

My first beef with this is a general “WTF?!” which goes back to the days when we were growing up and a stove lasted pretty much my entire childhood. I think we may have bought one new stove in the 16 years we lived in my house.

You’re telling me that with all this improved technology we have somehow gotten worse at making technological products??


Sears gives me these options for a warranty agreement:

  1. $370 for the service agreement which will last for 1 year and cover up to $500 in parts during that time.
  2. $49 per month ($600 per year) to cover all the house appliances

Stepping back from it a bit, I just get this feeling like the planned obsolescence game has been just about perfected by these folks.

Maybe the disappointment of not having a simple solution is still too fresh for me to think straight, but it feels like they’ve got this scheme working just right so that the stuff breaks right on schedule and you feel like the best thing is to get on a service agreement that has you paying them a nice recurring revenue.

This is probably perfect for a public which seems to have a harder and harder time managing their finances (why self-insure by setting aside the proper funds when you can just pay someone like Sears for coverage?).

Me? I’m going to disagree with the whole thing and set up a set-aside of $50 per month toward this (since that’s apparently the right number according to Sears actuaries).

If we do this right, we’ll have a tidy Appliance Fund which we can use for whatever issue presents itself.

And should we ever become wealthy, maybe I’ll hatch a scheme to make an appliance manufacturing firm that can once again craft quality products that don’t break on a schedule.

Just on principle.



Huawei Customer Service and Nexus 6P Repairs

My Nexus 6P Android phone suddenly stopped charging except in certain situations (very odd-I could use my wife’s 5X charger or my car charger, but not the 6P charger and the 6P charger worked fine on my wife’s 5X).

First disappointment in the process of getting all this fixed, was finding out that Huawei (pron “wah-way”) would require 2 weeks to fix it. I’d have to pack it up and send it in for repairs. No replacement phone. Fortunately I was able to work my own replacement since we have 4 phones in our household.

Second came when I finally got the phone back and, while it charges, it doesn’t “charge rapidly”, which is one of the great features it had out of the box. I could get several hours of charge in about 15 mins with this new rapid charging technology.

I’m so bummed about how long it takes to get through their repair/replace cycle. Hopefully they aren’t going to drag me through another two weeks (although it’s taking them 48 hours to get back to me after my call to them when I saw I still had a problem–so that doesn’t bode well).

Speed of service is the order of the day and a competitive advantage in this era we are in right now. At least that’s true in the USA for the most part.

Really hoping Huawei kicks their speed up a notch (and a “notch” = about 12 days in this case) and sorts this slow process out. They make a good phone–maybe even a great one. I’ve come to really love the 6P. But I can’t go two weeks (and now maybe over a month??) without a device upon which I rely so heavily to do my work.

We’ll see how they respond, when they do.


“Cashless Society” is a bad idea

The non-producing banking elite want us to get rid of cash.  Let’s not go down this road.  It’s the last bit of control we possess over what those sneaky bankers foist upon us.

If the banks violate their duties or our government goes even more nuts than it already is we can still, at this time, remove our cash from their vaults and put it under a mattress or in a hole in the ground.

If we agree to let them take away cash, we lose that point of control and are now completely at their whim.

Even assuming just 15% of the total amount of cash on the accounts would be withdrawn, this would result in a total cash outflow of $45B, and it’s unlikely the banking system would be able to handle this without having to deal with severe consequences. And we don’t even dare to imagine what would happen if 25% would be withdrawn. Or 40%. The snowball-effect would be huge and devastating, resulting in a deteriorating capital position of almost any bank in the Eurozone as they are all intertwined anyway.What does this have to do with the recent ‘test balloons’ to bring up the subject of a cashless society? From the (central) banks’ perspective it would be very smart to first push forward to realize a cashless society to close that escape route for the Europeans. If you can’t withdraw any cash, then everybody will be trapped in the system of a negative interest rate and there will be no way to escape it.

via Why The ‘Cashless Society’ Has Become The New Wet Dream Of Governments And Central Bankers | Zero Hedge.


No excuses

Look at this world we live in right now. Just look at it!

First, every piece of information we need regarding just about anything is available in about 3 seconds. Experiences, opinions, facts…all of it!

Next, we can share our own of the same at the speed of light, across the globe.

A product can not only be purchased and delivered to your dour in a single day (Amazon Prime) but you can be the one selling it!

Not happy with your life? Dedicate yourself for about 10,000 hours (a mere 5 years full time) in any new direction you choose and you could be a complete pro (says Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers).

Will it be easy? Probably not. You might have to trade TV or bar time or even some family time for rolling up your sleeves and digging into some new subject.

It might even cause some discomfort.

But that’s no excuse.

Now is the time to get what you really want in life.


Improving teeth and gums at almost no cost

Here is a very effective way to sweeten your mouth and protect your teeth and gums. And it costs almost nothing!

I’ve been doing this steadily for only a week and it’s quite effective.

Keep in mind that tooth paste has little or no actual disinfectant in it. All the brands are that way. They are mostly abrasive.

This solution takes care of that deficiency and, as a result, leaves your mouth feeling and tasting much healthier.

“The Secret” was initially developed by Dr. Paul Keyes to enable a person to efficiently and inexpensively improve the condition of their own gums. This system reduces redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums and minimizes the need for surgery, improving all but the worst areas in the mouth.

Learn more here:



Amazon automatically refunded my movie after crappy viewing experience

Just got this to my inbox today. We tried to watch Home Alone Christmas Eve and it was a particularly poor viewing experience.

It seemed like we had to restart the video about 10 times.

We finally got through it and I forgot about it.

Then this:

Amazon refund 2014-12-29_16-07-57

I’ve always been a big fan of Amazon as both a consumer and a seller so this shouldn’t really surprise me, but it did–and pleasantly so!


Moving from Typepad to WordPress

Blogging is a bit like trying to get to the mountain through a forest of trees.

Blogging is a bit like trying to get to the mountain through a forest of trees.

My previous blog is still being hosted on Typepad.com. They’ve been pretty good hosts, but the allure of moving to WordPress has become too great.

Plus it’s a lot cheaper to set up a domain on GoDaddy and build WordPress sites there than it is to do the same thing on TypePad. …