Huawei Customer Service and Nexus 6P Repairs

My Nexus 6P Android phone suddenly stopped charging except in certain situations (very odd-I could use my wife’s 5X charger or my car charger, but not the 6P charger and the 6P charger worked fine on my wife’s 5X).

First disappointment in the process of getting all this fixed, was finding out that Huawei (pron “wah-way”) would require 2 weeks to fix it. I’d have to pack it up and send it in for repairs. No replacement phone. Fortunately I was able to work my own replacement since we have 4 phones in our household.

Second came when I finally got the phone back and, while it charges, it doesn’t “charge rapidly”, which is one of the great features it had out of the box. I could get several hours of charge in about 15 mins with this new rapid charging technology.

I’m so bummed about how long it takes to get through their repair/replace cycle. Hopefully they aren’t going to drag me through another two weeks (although it’s taking them 48 hours to get back to me after my call to them when I saw I still had a problem–so that doesn’t bode well).

Speed of service is the order of the day and a competitive advantage in this era we are in right now. At least that’s true in the USA for the most part.

Really hoping Huawei kicks their speed up a notch (and a “notch” = about 12 days in this case) and sorts this slow process out. They make a good phone–maybe even a great one. I’ve come to really love the 6P. But I can’t go two weeks (and now maybe over a month??) without a device upon which I rely so heavily to do my work.

We’ll see how they respond, when they do.


Hey HP, your “rewards” aren’t…

This is my so-called reward for using official HP ink in my printer.

Why bother? Is anyone actually buying into this?

I’d  expect more from a company like HP (but I’m starting to re-evaluate that opinion).

If you’re going to give someone a reward, make sure it’s a reward to them.  Otherwise, it’s probably better not to risk insulting their intelligence.

Offer when you use official HP ink.

Offer when you use official HP ink.