Samsung SG4 Update to Lollipop (Sprint)

phone storage fullApparently it’s necessary in some cases to reset to factor settings after an upgrade to Lollipop.

After a much anticipated update finally arrived, I eagerly went through the motions to get it onto my phone.

After the phone restarted, I immediately noticed I was just about out of storage. Many of my apps needed to update themselves but could not due to insufficient space.

While I wasn’t keeping a super close eye on my storage, it seemed odd I would be almost out since I keep a pretty lean phone.

Deleting apps wasn’t solving the problem either.

So I backed up the phone with Helium and Samsung (for phone log data, etc.) and did the factor reset.

Much better! Phone is only half full now. It’s still restoring a few apps but I don’t see it eating up 6 GB with apps.

As much as I didn’t need the interruption this morning, it’s always nice to get a clean, efficient phone again–at least for the time being.

All is well now. If you have problems with your Lollipop update and storage, I’d highly recommend taking the time to do a reset.