Amazon automatically refunded my movie after crappy viewing experience

Just got this to my inbox today. We tried to watch Home Alone Christmas Eve and it was a particularly poor viewing experience.

It seemed like we had to restart the video about 10 times.

We finally got through it and I forgot about it.

Then this:

Amazon refund 2014-12-29_16-07-57

I’ve always been a big fan of Amazon as both a consumer and a seller so this shouldn’t really surprise me, but it did–and pleasantly so!


Google Inbox Meeting Invite Fail

No calendar invite functionality in Google Inbox (at least not yet)?

This seems like a pretty important fail but maybe it’s just me.

Just finished setting up a meeting with a friend for this week.

A bit later, I received an email from him and viewed it in Chrome on my Windows PC.

It had a subject, but the email was blank.

Inbox shows blank instead of  invite 2014-12-07_22-14-02 …