How to create custom maps on Google Maps app

The other day I happened to notice some nice upgrades to Google Maps and made a note to play around with how to create custom maps on Google Maps app  over the weekend.

So far all the kids are still asleep so this is my last chance an opportune time to play.

Basically you can export your contacts into a file and then import them into a Google Map of your creation.

So I exported my Google+ Circle members, cleaned up the data as a result of some import trial and error and then got them onto the map.

If you would like to see my step-by-step notes (the exact “How” of all this), I’ve captured them here in Evernote.

Here’s the output…

Map I created using my contadts and Google Maps Engine
Map I created using my contadts and Google Maps Engine

I was hoping to import my entire contact database, but at about 4,500 records, that was more than Maps Engine would let me do without a “Pro” account.

Clicking on a placemark gets you more detail from the import as you can see here:

Placemark detail

This was a fun little experiment. I’ll probably use this some more in the future. I could see it being a useful networking tool. In certain cities, there are probably friends and contacts who I could introduce to others because of their proximity to each other.

So that’s how you custom maps on Google Maps app!

How to post pictures on Pinterest from your Gmail

gmail to pinterestIf you like to post pictures on Pinterest and you use Gmail for your email,  you’ll want to read this.

Someone sent me  some Pin-able images and I found myself struggling to get them to Pinterest.

Here’s how I finally did it:

  1. Share to Google+ (which I usually do anyway) by hovering over the image and clicking the “Share” button that appears
  2. Go to your profile on G+ and click on your new post of that image.
  3. Click on Pinterest extension in Chrome (or use the bookmarklet in some other browser).


Bonus: using the Chrome Pinterest button means you can also share to Twitter and Facebook from there. So you’ve shared to four social media in a few short steps by simply starting with Google+.